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Experience the Rich Tastes & Flavors of Sri Lankan Food.

Wijaya Kurakkan Flour 400g


Wijaya kurakkan flour is manufactured using best quality kurakkan grains (Eleusine coracana). Kurakkan is a main staple food in Sri lanka. The grains are thoroughly cleaned prior to the milling process inorder to remove all the impurities and the milling is carried out under strict hygienic conditions. 

Flour is packed in specially designed laminated pouches to preserve its freshness and to extend the shelf life.


100% ground seeds of Eleusine coracana or finger millet (kurakkan)

Medicinal value

Kurakkan contains high amounts of dietary fibre and is a very good remedy for constipation. In addition to that it contains nearly 15% protein, B-complex vitamins including niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and some amount of vitamin E. Continuous consumption of kurakkan foods helps in weight loss and maintaining a healthy heart.