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Experience the Rich Tastes & Flavors of Sri Lankan Food.

Link Swastha Swastha Thriphala - 120 Tablets

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Link Natural Swastha Thripala is a formulation of a time-tested Ayurvedic remedy, known as 'Thripala' which contains the dried fruit of Aralu, Bulu and Nelli. Thripala has been used for thousands of years to promote proper digestion, absorption and elimination. Thripala is important to retard ageing, and to maintain a healthy life.

Swastha Thripala is specially formulated by Link Natural's R&D scientists and expert pharmacists under the supervision of Ayurveda specialists. Swastha Thripala is a safe Ayurvedic remedy.

Effective remedy for:

Link Swastha Thriphala contributes to proper digestion, absorption and waste elimination. As a regulator of the metabolic system, it will help in reducing obesity, stress related disorders and gastric problems. Link Natural Swastha Thriphala has health maintenance and anti-aging properties leading to good health and rejuvenation.


Aralu , Bulu , Nelli

Direction for use

- For rejuvenation and maintenance of good health - One to two tablets, twice a day as a wellness habit

- For hyperacidity, gastric irritation, indigestion, flatulence, and stress-related disorders - Two tablets, twice a day, as required

- For constipation and bowel irregularity - Two to four tablets, after dinner, as required. (Commence with two tablets at night and increase the dosage to three and four if needed.)

*Not to be taken when pregnant or if the patient has diarrhoea.